desoto compression calf sleeves

2013 0316 tri gear 006.JPG

Finally decided to give these a try after believing that foam rolling is all I needed.  After a 40-mile bike, I headed out for my 10k run and became a believer straight away.  These compression sleeves are outstanding!  They really do keep the calves from tightening up.  Like a constant massage, the sleeves keep the calves happy and in continual contraction-relaxation.  For $30 at, it's a no-brainer.

newton running shoes...awesome!

First heard about this shoe from the triathlon community, and it comes highly recommended.  First video explains the technology behind the newton shoes.  The idea is to mimic a fore-foot, mid-foot strike as you would in barefeet.  Second video is NOT, in my opinion, proper running technique.  Sure, an all-out toe strike isn't recommended, but why go to the other extreme with an intentional heal strike?