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I’m Loren Salas, owner and trainer for Primal Gym. Now a 20 year resident of Sugar Land, Texas, I started Primal Gym over 13 years ago because I wanted to help people of all ages improve their mobility, fitness, health, and lifestyle. I have a passion for fitness, and it’s rewarding to introduce my clients to proven training techniques while making exercise fun and meaningful. We train movement patterns that are used in sport and everyday life, and as a consequence, you look and feel great! Primal Gym offers a variety of strength and conditioning endeavors. If your focus is strength, kettlebell, nutrition, or even compete in a triathlon, Primal Gym can coach you in this journey.


Do you want to learn traditional strength training with barbells & dumbbells? Do you want to learn how resistance bands and bodyweight movements can improve your mobility? Do you want to learn additional ways to build muscle and burn fat? PG can show you how.


Do you want to engage in a fun and exciting training routine? Do you want to train outside with a group of friends on a nice day? PG can show you how.


Do you want to train with kettlebells and incorporate them into your training routine? Are you unsure how to hold, swing, and safely train with kb’s? PG can show you how.


Do you want to compete in a triathlon but are unsure how to train for one? How do you bring together all 3 endeavors of the swim, bike, & run? What are the secrets of a fast transition? PG can show you how.