meal planning: salads on the go

The #1 goal, make your plan fool proof AND fail proof. Make it to where you don't even have to think about what to do on Monday morning. Have your ice chest, ice packs, water jug, shaker and storage containers ready to go.

For most of us, Sundays are the idea meal prep days, so make it a top priority. Your body, your health, your family is worth the investment. Double your ROI (return on investment) by making these simple steps a habit. It's really not that difficult to adopt this lifestyle.

You should be eating salads every day, even multiple time a day. Pack your salads in advance and apply dressing each morning only for that day. While you have out all of your salad ingredients, make enough to last 3 days. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday lunches are second guessing. Then, repeat on Wed night, for Thurs, Fri, and Sat.

Your protein sources for salads can be sliced chicken breasts or a few hard-boiled eggs. Add a slice or two of cheese, and you have yourself a complete protein and fibrous carb meal.

My top two choices for salad dressings:

  1. caesar (without high fructose corn syrup; some saturated fat comes with the caesar dressing, but your body needs some of that too
  2. flax seed oil with salt and crushed black pepper; go with flax seed oil for some great essential fatty acids

Scrap any dressing that has sugar in it; you don't need it.