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Have you ever wanted to do a triathlon but are unsure how to prepare for one?  How do you bring together all 3 endeavors of the swim, bike, and run?  What are the secrets of a fast transition? Primal gym can train you to become a strong triathlete.  I believe that training for a higher purpose than simply looking and feeling good, which is important too, don't get me wrong, can actually lead to longer satisfaction in training.  Regardless whether you have a competitive streak, you're going to benefit from getting involved in training for sport. Triathlons, for example, encourage you to train the spectrum of athleticism ..swim, bike, run.  And to be succeed in these 3 endeavors, you gotta eat well, get lean, get stronger, and go to bed a decent time --- rest and recovery is a must in any sport.   So go ahead and get your competitive juices flowing...your health and physique goals will come automatically.

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Does kettlebell training interest you?  Do you want to learn the proper lifts, i.e., the snatch, clean and jerk, long cycle, etc?  Primal Gym can teach you the proper techniques to produce safe and fluid kettlebell lifts.  Kettlebell training is an amazing combination of muscle strength AND muscle endurance.  It doesn't stop there though.  Learning and improving on kettlebell technique takes concentration and focus on the skill at hand.  I find that clients get the opportunity to forget about stresses of work because kettlebell training requires their full attention.  Another advantage to kettlebell training is that it offers a break from traditional strength training routines, i.e., dumbbell and barbell exercise.  Not only is it a different stimulus for the body, but it makes working out more enjoyable AND challenging.  Furthermore, for those who wish to take kettlebell training to the next level, there are kettlebell competitions where various lifts are performed for a specific time period, usually 5 or 10 minutes.  A true test of physical strength and mental concentration.

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PG is fully equipped with an arsenal of training options to  improve health & human performance.  I focus on strength, mobility, and stability through the use of dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, bands, and bodyweight exercises.  Training in this manner builds strength from the center outward, so you move and feel better.

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My outdoor training program was born out of my interest in the 6 primitive movement patterns: squat, deadlift, lunge, push, pull, and rotation.  So, that's exactly what we do at PG...we drag sleds; pull sleds; throw and slam medicine balls; swing kb's and walk with kb's.  All human movements that primal man performed to find food and to keep from becoming food comes to life in a PG Outdoor training session.

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