bringing back the competition part 4 - competition

In closing out the series on the three elements present in triathlons, let's talk about competition. 

In my youth, I loved the competition from cross-country running, road-running races, and my tennis matches.  Obviously there is enjoyment in playing sports, but beating the opponent and coming out on top is a great feeling! 

Unfortunately, other than professional sports or amateur sports clubs in some communities, adults having the opportunity to compete in competitive sport is few and far between.  Guess what...that all changes with triathlons! 

The first clue that triathlons offer the competitive spirit is the timing chip that is worn around the ankle of every triathlete.  All aspects of the triathlon is timed, from the swim, bike, and run to the time spent in Transition 1 and Transition 2.  The detailed results are later posted on web sites for all to see.  By the way, this is useful for goal-setting with future races. 

The next factor that sparks the competitive fire is the triathlete's age marked on the left calf.  Anywhere along the race, you can zero in on your age-group competitors and dominate the dojo. 

The third indicator of healthy competition is the award ceremony following the race, whereby the overall male and female finisher as well as the top 3 male and female finishers in each age group are acknowledged for their efforts.  How beautiful is that! 

It isn't only about your competitors though.  Competition with yourself in beating your previous results is just as exciting.  The push is strong to become stronger and faster.  With the various triathlon distances, the competitive spirit can last a lifetime! 

Stay Primal!