bringing back the competition part 3 - athleticism

In part 2, I discussed the various training elements and benefits rewarded by triathlons.  In today's tip, "athleticism" is on the menu.


Swimming is an awesome and complete conditioning sport.  Elements of strength and cardio are found in swimming.  It has an amazing effect of "loosening up" the body.  Swimming requires coordination and fluidity in executing the chosen stroke (i.e. freestyle) and demands a rhythmic breathing pattern that greatly conditions the lungs.


Flying down the road on a tri bike demands balance and flexibility.  Balance is required to ensure forward progress while navigating the course.  Flexibility is required to maintain proper aero position for maximum speed.  In addition to these bio-mechanical elements, cardiovascular strength keeps the oxygen flowing and blood circulating while quad, ham, and glute strength powers you to T2.


Finally, we get down to running, the last segment in a triathlon.  Most of us know the cardiovascular benefits of running, but when it's third in line of a tri, we are forced to go the distance with heightened athleticism. The mental and physical strength required to hit the ground running with a fatigued body is not an easy feat...assuming the goal is to do your best, to prevail!

You can see that the combination of all three sports creates a worthy athlete, male and female; young and old. But remember, toss in strength training, which is the foundation of Primal Gym, and the worthy athlete becomes an ELITE ATHLETE!

Stay Primal!