bringing back the competition part 1

When we ponder the reasons adults exercise, we usually come up with the following:

  • maintain an ideal body weight and body composition
  • instructed to do so by their doctor
  • reduce common health risk factors (high blood pressure, cholesterol profile, obesity, physical inactivity, poor nutrition, high stress) 
  • heading to the gym after work is "cool" 

Well, what if we engage in exercise to experience the excitement and rewards of competition, the joys of winning, and frustrations of losing?  What if we focus on that competitive spirit that creates motivation AND drive in sport AND in life?  I bet that all of those initial reasons to exercise would be automatically addressed.

Let's reminisce...sports and competition were so common in our school days, and our physical fitness was simply a consequence of playing the game.  But as we entered adulthood and embarked on our careers, so many of us drifted away from the sports that provided that competitive spirit and physical conditioning that kept us healthy and strong.

So, what am I eluding to here in 2011?  Though we can't go back to those school days of yore and college intramurals, we can jump into a sport that is perfect for the 25 year-old youngster as well as the 75 year-old seasoned athlete.

What sport can these be?  My primal friends, it's the sport of triathlon, and in part 2 I will explain how this multi-sport endeavor can return your competitive spirit while elevating your training and physical fitness to a new level.

Stay Primal!