primal nutrition economics part 3

In part 2, I detailed that in many instances, quality nutrition is more economical than processed and refined foods in a quantity-based comparison.

But I know what you're saying (or maybe your friends who don't read my tips), "'s hard to beat that Dollar Menu" OR "...the Wonderbread and lunch meat is good deal".

OK then, let's pretend someone out there shows me their full shopping cart that rings up for less than my modest cart of Paleo foods.

The fellow shopper boasts, "Look how much food I have in my cart and at a lower cost."  Well, well..I can almost guarantee (by what I see in 9 out of 10 carts at my local grocery) that it will be littered with boxes and packages of cheap, frozen, dry, and refined food and drink.

So as to not allow the shopper's boasting to go too far, I say with confidence, "All the food in your cart will leave you less satiated and less satisfied than the modest but more nutritious selections in my cart."  The shopper is dumbstruck!

Let me explain...modern man consumes processed bread and lunch meat with chips on the side. Primal man consumes meat from beast, fowl, or fish with a salad mix on the side.  With portions being equal, modern man will be left hungry AND void of quality nutrients. 

Processed foods digest much faster because they've been altered from their original state.  And because of this, much of the original nutrient profile is absent in processed foods.  This is why we can demolish a 1/2 bag of chips or cookies and still remain unsatisfied...and most likely sick to our stomachs!

On the other hand, quality meats, vegetables, and fruits digest at a slower rate and provide a stable supply of quality nutrients.  Such foods mean less at each sitting but takes you farther AND further down the road of life.

So, you can see how a seemingly full shopping cart can be nothing more than empty calories that shut down any initial savings thought to be had.  Don't worry, I'll pick ya up in my next tip!

Stay Primal!