primal nutrition economics part 2

Welcome back to the long-awaited part 2, and I do indeed apologize for the long wait.  A tedious task known as a tax return gave me writer's block.  However, it's now in the hands of the IRS, and my mind is free to write once again.

Let's tackle the first point in part one, which was:

1.  Price and quantity comparisons of nutritious foods to processed/refined foods illustrate quite often that nutritious foods don't cost more, and in fact, cost less pound for pound.

Let's look at some examples of simple and ready-to-eat foods...FRUIT!  I choose bananas and apples because they're easy, tasty, and often on sale.

1.  bananas @ $.69/lb - purchased 2.93 lbs for $2.02
2.  organic pink lady apples @ $1.99/lb - purchased 1.19 lbs for $2.37
3.  organic braeburn apples @ $1.49/lb - purchased 3.80 lbs for $5.66

What are the unhealthy but all too common alternatives to these healthy fruits?

Well, a family size bag of chips doesn't even reach a pound but will cost between $2.50 and $3.50.  My braeburn apples at nearly 4 lbs are only $5.66.  4 lbs of chips will rob you of nearly $10 and leave you void of quality nutrition...and primal strength.

A large bag of conventional (non-organic) apples will cost around $3 to $4 while a bag of Oreo cookies run about $2.50 to $3.00.  Make the same comparison with a bundle of bananas and a box of crackers.  You can always find in-season fruits that will usually cost less than processed foods...pound for pound.

Let me make another quick comparison to purchasing your own natural ground beef vs. the combo meal at any fast food establishment.

I run into whole foods and purchase a 2.5 lb family pack of natural ground beef for under $9.  There are many meal options with ground beef and can usually be spread over several meals.  Compare that to ONE combo meal that costs between $4 and $6.50!

Hope I've been able to illustrate the point that many healthy foods are reasonably priced.  And of course, I know that white bread is cheaper than wheat bread, or a box of mac and cheese is cheaper than a pound of chicken, fish, or beef. my next few quick tips, I will point out that the initial monetary savings with cheaper foods can lead to big expenses at day's end.

Stay Primal!