primal nutrition economics part 1

I hope your 2011 is shaping up to be a successful and prosperous year.  New goals and commitments run high this time of year and usually entail health and fitness in one way or another.

To follow along with this theme, my first few tips of the year will cover primal nutrition and economics.  I hear it all of the time, "healthy foods just cost too much" or "I want to choose healthy foods, but my paycheck simply can't handle it."

My friends, the idea that proper nutrition breaks the bank is simply not true.  While some healthier choices cost more than refined foods, in many instances it's de minimus.  And to take it a little further, in the cases where the cost difference is substantial, the health and lifestyle benefits more than make up for the cost increase.

I'll throw out a few ideas to ponder during Superbowl weekend and will return to discuss these in detail AND with examples.

1.  Price and quantity comparisons of nutritious foods to processed/refined foods illustrate quite often that nutritious foods don't cost more, and in fact, cost less pound for pound.

2.  The level of satiation, or what fills you up, is better achieved with nutritious foods versus processed/refined foods that leave you hungry again in no time.

3.  Hippocrates once said, "Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food."  Tally up the $$$ spent on prescriptions, doctor visits, and illness.  Without conducting a scientific study, I can suggest with confidence that nutritious foods keep more money in your pocket AND provide a more energetic lifestyle.

Hope I've conjured some interest with Primal Nutrition Economics, as I look forward to expanding on these ideas.  On that note, enjoy your Superbowl feasting!

Stay Primal!