metabolism action plan part 6


Let's conclude our metabolism action plan with strategies for living a supportive lifestyle, one that greatly influences your training and nutrition success.

Minimize Stress

Stress plays a major role in achieving your health and fitness goals.  Interestingly, your physiological responses to modern stressors are quite similar to that of primal times.

Stress from a busy career, family dynamics, etc. can create the same physiological fight-flight response as did fleeing from a dangerous creature so many ages ago.

In moments of stress, certain hormones are released to ensure "self-preservation".  Your body changes its focus from your fitness goals to simply surviving the perceived threat to your well-being.  Metabolism, fat loss, muscle building, immunities, etc. all take a back seat to an excessively-stressed lifestyle.

Realistically, you can eliminate some stressors and diminish those stubborn ones.  Stress is an aspect of living in a fast-paced world, but there are many avenues to less-stressful living.  Exercise, nutrition, goal-setting, hobbies, etc. can definitely help you kick stress to the curb.

Implement Rest and Recovery

Muscles don't get bigger in the gym, and the effects of intense training don't instantly materialize.  You break down muscle tissue in the gym, but you rebuild and strengthen it outside of the gym.

Likewise, your athletic abilities don't improve all in one shot; rather they do so with correct movement patterns performed over and over again.

Rest and recovery not only tends to muscles but also heals the connective tissues, central nervous system, and immune system, which all get hammered during training.

Discover Your Drive

Often overlooked is the idea of training for reasons beyond just health and appearance.  Not that these aren't worthy ideals, but what if you trained for something bigger and more exciting?

There are many recreational competitions that drive you to achieve your best physical condition.  Organized running races, tennis leagues, cycling, triathlons, and so many more activities call out and get you training well and eating right.

Make a healthy body and good looks a consequence of working towards athleticism and a winning spirit!

Stay Primal!