metabolism action plan part 5


Good day!  Let's look at the solutions to the challenges introduced in my previous tip.


1.  How do you remedy issues with skipping breakfast and/or meals throughout the day?  You've heard it before, but I'll repeat it once again.  You must plan and prepare.  In primal times, Man woke up with one goal in mind...find food.  In modern times, Man juggles dozens of tasks, priorities, etc.  Sure, it's kind of understandable as to why meals are neglected, but there's no excuse for allowing it to continue.

If skipping meals occurs due to a lack of hunger rather than a lack of time, consistent training will return your breakfast hunger.  Humans are supposed to eat upon waking, but so many have trained themselves into not eating breakfast.  Not good!

2.  Far too many people reduce their food intake to counteract their lack of fitness.  While true that caloric expenditure should influence caloric intake, a drastic reduction in calories is not the answer.  We know those who "eat like a bird" but carry excess body fat.  Or those who skip breakfast, eat a moderate lunch, devour a huge dinner, and consistently add body fat year after year.

Think of your metabolism as an oven.  Put in food, and it cranks up the heat.  No slowing down!  The best way to achieve or maintain a lean physique is to increase your caloric expenditure through fitness, not to drastically decrease your caloric intake.

3.  Finally, the quality of our food is a concern.  So much of it is processed and refined to extend the shelf-life and make it easier to eat on the run.  Your body digests these foods too rapidly!  Not only does this prevent your "internal oven" from cranking up, it can still leave you hungry and unsatisfied.

Compare a handful of chips to an apple or perhaps a pastry (a nice way of saying "doughnut") to plain yogurt with fruit on top.  The latter in both examples will satiate you for hours until your next meal.

So you see, these solutions are proven ways to influence your metabolism at any age.  The big "30" or "40" sob stories won't work here my friends.

Stay Primal!