your metabolism part 5 - physical activity level

Physical Activity Level (PAL)

The second factor in metabolism is your physical activity level. This is as straight forward as it gets. It consists of daily movement including your planned exercise time. PAL contributes between 15-30% to your total caloric expenditure.

This can be quite significant and greatly depends on your occupation AND your desire to get primal with your training.

Firstly, do you have an office job where you sit most of the day, on your feet moving around, or outside busting tail? The answer to this influences your PAL.

Secondly, do you take your training seriously? Do you pour in all the sweat, guts, and effort that you can muster? This too influences your PAL. And yes, massive recovery from such training also affects your RMR (resting metabolic rate).

Calculations exist that estimate RMR and PAL in total. These involve an "activity level" factor multiplied by your RMR. Though beneficial in some instances, such calculations are only estimates, and most of you will not need to fool with calculations to reach your goals.

In conclusion, your job is what it is, right? But, when closing time rolls around, it's up to you to get off the couch and MOVE a solid 4-6 days per week. Do this, and you'll maximize your PAL caloric expenditure.

Make it a great day!