your metabolism part 4 - resting metabolism

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

I want to make a few more points regarding resting metabolic rate. As previously stated, RMR is influenced by your daily lifestyle actions, such as, training, nutrition, rest, etc.

Your RMR is also influenced by genetic factors such as age, sex, height, and body type (excluding body fat).

Let's take a look at the two methods of calculating your RMR.

Method 1

Visit a physiology lab, doctor's office, or a trainer who uses a metabolic testing device. A popular choice is Korr's MetaCheck. Per Korr's web site, it works like this:

Your body consumes a fixed amount of oxygen per calorie burned. The MetaCheck measures the amount of oxygen in the air you exhale to calculate how much oxygen your body is consuming. Based on your oxygen consumption, the MetaCheck then figures the exact amount of calories you are burning.

Method 2

Use the Mifflin equation to arrive at an estimated RMR.

For men: (10 x w) + (6.25 x h) - (5 x a) + 5

For women: (10 x w) + (6.25 x h) - (5 x a) - 161

  • w = weight in kg
  • h = height in cm
  • a = age

This equation is an estimate because it ignores body composition AND doesn't consider possible metabolic and hormonal disorders.

Bottom Line

Some things you can't change. Many things you CAN change. Acknowledge where you are today and go for a better tomorrow!

Make it a great day!