your metabolism part 3

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

RMR = energy (calories) expended by the body, while at rest, to keep you alive, e.g., breathing, pumping blood, maintaining and repairing tissues, and other fundamental bodily functions.

RMR represents between 60-75% of caloric expenditure; however, this expenditure drops if your lifestyle has damaged your RMR by way of a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits.

Obviously, your body determines its energy requirements for many processes, but you can influence your RMR through daily behaviors.


  • strength training ignites muscle tissue repair and growth while at rest
  • sensible timing of meals prevents your body from entering "starvation" mode
  • adequate and consistent sleeping patterns maximize your life cycle of building up and breaking down, day in and day out
  • low stress and a winning mindset keep you out of the primal flight-fight mode, which can disrupt your hormone levels and hijack your body's automatic pilot

Does aging influence RMR? Yes, but it relates more to lifestyle changes rather than age in and of itself. Keep on doing the things you did when you were young. Eat breakfast, run around after work, go to bed the things your parents told you to do.

Take an active role in your RMR and be passive no more!

Make it a great day!