your metabolism part 2

To recap, metabolism involves all that your body does to stay alive. Converts food to energy, converts body fat to energy, makes hormones, primes vitamins and minerals for uptake, and performs many other vital processes.

Before I begin, let me give credit to Dr. John Berardi and his book, The Metabolism Advantage. This book is a great resource on the study of metabolism and has no doubt influenced my knowledge and philosophy on maximizing training results.

Metabolism is comprised of 4 factors:

  1. BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) or RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate)
  2. PAL (Physical Activity Level)
  3. TEF (Thermic Effect of Food)
  4. NEAT (Nonexercise activity thermogenesis)

These four factors influence the power and the force of your metabolic engine. And the good news control 3 of 4! But don't fret, the one that you cannot control will NEVER hold you back from success in your body transformation.

So, save the drama for your momma, no more excuses, and stay tuned for details on each of these components and how to manipulate them to stoke your metabolic fire!

Make it a great day!