your metabolism part 1

Let's talk about metabolism. We know that it's a crucial component in the fat loss stage and maintenance stage. Cranking up your metabolic rate gives your body the reason to tap into your fat stores. Once you achieve your goals, your metabolism helps you stay lean and well-defined.

This is great, but there is more to metabolism than creating a good-looking body. Metabolism is the chemical processes occurring within a living cell or organism that are necessary for the maintenance of life.

Metabolism is responsible for breaking down your macro-nutrients, not just for energy, but for other crucial processes to keep you alive. One such process, relating to fitness, creates the ideal hormonal environment. I'm referring specifically to testosterone and estrogen, which are associated with looking good and feeling great!

I'm taking the time to introduce metabolism because in the next couple of tips, I will demonstrate how you have the power to elevate and maximize your metabolism, regardless of sex, age, and any other excuses that we sometimes use as our defense.

Does age and sex influence metabolism? Sure, to some degree, but not near as much as we've been led to believe. At age 36, my metabolism is cranking much faster than it was at age 26. It's truly about the lifestyle choices that we make and the daily actions that we take.

So, let's get tough, let's get primal and prime our metabolism to work for us and with us!

Make it a great day!