stay away from the roller coaster part 2

I bet you're eagerly waiting to know what I think is the biggest space-wasting machine littering our gyms, and here it is...the AB CRUNCH machine.

If your e-mail program automatically displays images, you can see that these ab machines resemble seats on a roller coast ride. In fact, the second image looks like a seat in the cockpit of the space shuttle!

It's quite humorous really...all that steel, padding, and $$ just to stimulate our abdominals. (Oh...and to justify high gym fees.) Do you think Primal Man and Woman needed these machines to create life-saving trunk muscles?

Let me be fair and state that the short-comings of these machines may not equally target everyone AND may not even surface if one is performing additional exercises that bring balance to your abdominal/trunk routine. As always, the lucky ones will get away with poor exercise regimens.

Having said that, I believe without a doubt that these ab machines are inferior to the various planks performed on the floor, inferior to the trunk rotations performed with bands or cable pulley systems, and inferior to so many comprehensive and "free-motion" movements that automatically recruit the abdominals.

Looks like part 3 will include the specific deficiencies created the second we rest our butts on this $1000+ hunk of steel.

Make it a great day!