so you want to gain weight, eh? part 3

As previously stated, the solution to gaining weight may simply rest in consuming more food, more calories, and maintaining a caloric surplus.

A caloric surplus occurs when you consume more calories (food) than you burn (use) to keep your body running. Achieving a caloric surplus while strength training can help you create lean body mass (muscle tissue).

While apparent that most Americans are concerned more with over-eating, some actually NEED to focus on eating more to add size to their frame.

Today's lifestyle seems to lend a hand in skipping meals, especially breakfast. Preparing nutritious meals takes a back seat to more "exciting" endeavors. So unfortunate because feeding our bodies with proper nutrition should be at the top of our "To Do" list.

An interesting catch worth mentioning...most who under-eat eventually slow down their metabolism and put themselves in a "starvation" state. So when they do eat, it's usually in abundance and more likely to be stored as fat (self-preservation mechanism).

However, I'm describing those who under-eat and whether through fast metabolism and/or genetics, they remain skinny, thin, etc.

How do you increase your daily caloric intake?

  • eat breakfast every day
  • increase the frequency of your meals and chose sensible portions
  • include homemade smoothies (full of wholesome calories and easy to consume)

Make it a great day!