so you want to gain weight, eh? part 1

I received a great reader question from sunny California regarding smart ways to GAIN weight. Unique question because people generally wish to lose lbs. and decrease body fat.

Regardless of the goal, similar nutritional and training strategies are implemented to achieve the end result, which is a lean and muscular physique in line with your vision.

If difficulty in gaining weight has been an issue, there are a few basic questions to ponder:

  1. Can you "get away" with eating high carb foods, such as breads, pastas, snack foods, and sweets?

  2. Do you consistently eat wholesome meals on a daily basis, or do you often skip meals or "eat like a bird" - as the saying goes?

  3. Do you have normal metabolic function, e.g., is your thyroid successfully regulating the hormones that influence metabolism and energy levels?

The answers to these questions will give you a starting point. If points 1 and/or 2 apply, employing nutritional and training strategies will be the ticket to maximizing muscle gain while minimizing fat gain.

If point 3 is suspect, then medical attention/exploration will be necessary to return your thyroid function within a normal range. Hyperthyroidism is usually the culprit in this case, and weight-gain difficulty, unexplained weight loss, and other symptoms can alert you to such a condition.

Obviously, point 3 is a complex solution and beyond the scope of my primal tips; therefore, in part 2, I will address points 1 and 2.

Make it a great day!