metabolism action plan part 4


Now that you're on track with the importance of training and metabolism, let's look at nutrition and metabolism.

As previously discussed, proper nutrition significantly impacts both your resting metabolic rate (RMR) and the thermic effect of food (TEF).

Let's look at some challenges and solutions in dealing with your nutritional metabolic battle plan.


  1. Busy schedules or pure laziness places breakfast on the back an afterthought. Not only that, but other meals throughout the day are neglected.
    = perceived starvation, lowered RMR, and zero TEF

  2. Less physical activity makes people think they should eat less because after all, they are burning fewer calories throughout the day.
  3. = lowered RMR and lowered TEF

  4. Processed and "refined" foods littering store shelves and cupboards do nothing but dampen your metabolic engine.
    = lowered RMR, lowered TEF, and a sickly body inside & out

Crikey, if I get into the solutions now, my quick tip will no longer be quick. Let me leave you with some considerations. As with your training, do you prioritize your nutrition, or do you leave it to chance?

In primal times, Man's top priority was eating for survival. Nutrition took a back-seat to NOTHING...except perhaps to avoid becoming nutrition for a wild predator.

All kidding aside, respect your body, or it will eventually turn on you faster than the Duke boys running from Rosco P. Coltrane.

Stay Primal!