metabolism action plan part 3


Good morning! Did you review your game plan for consistent strength and cardio training? I hope so.

Problem 2

The second challenge in maximizing metabolism is the hard fact that we face a decrease in muscle mass beginning around 30 years of age.

Chalk it up to physiology of the human body and its life cycle. Our anabolic hormone levels begin to taper off. Puberty is long behind us. Our bodies are done growing. We are more sedentary.

Ahhh, a bummer no doubt but nothing to kick yourself over...unless you succumb to it!

Solution 2

Simply recognize the fact that muscle tissue is highly metabolic. It needs constant nutrients to exist and to function, and food that feeds muscle cannot collect around your belly, butt, thighs, etc.

Let this be yet another driving force to rise up and train your muscles, train your heart and lungs, and train your primal movements.

You only lose muscle mass if you don't convince your body to hold onto it. With your committed training program of breaking down and building up muscle tissue, you'll make it work for you. Your muscle mass will feed your metabolic engine!

To sum it up, you've been provided with concrete evidence AND reasons to commit to your training. Your resting metabolism depends on it...not to mention your summer physique!

Stay Primal!