fat-loss zone, cardio zone rubbish part 3

Let's wrap up this series with part 3!

Turn up the Heat
Having illustrated why the "Fat-Loss Zone" fails to be ideal for burning through your excess body fat, let's look at more beneficial cardio training.

Simply put forth effort that consistently pushes you beyond your current fitness level. Safely increase your mph on the treadmill or your mile/minute time. Remember to hit an intensity that makes sense for you, not someone else, as we are all at different levels of conditioning.

Firstly, let's assume you're monitoring your heart rate and observe that it's in the "Cardio Zone." Good job! You're expending more energy, burning more calories, and this is what matters at the end of the day. So ask yourself, "Am I going to establish the caloric deficit required for fat loss?"

Secondly, so what if you're burning through more glucose (sugar) than fat during your session. It's no secret that we are a society that consumes excess carbs (sugar) and whatever carbs are used as fuel won't be stored as body fat, right?

My previous tips on Cardio Training and Interval Training Methods can offer more ideas as well. Just remember that training success sprouts from your overall caloric AND metabolic impact of your cardio training...not this zone or that zone nonsense.

Before I conclude, I'll quickly mention that the MS150 bike ride from Houston to Austin was a big success this past weekend. Great weather and good riding made the 160 mile journey a great accomplishment.

Multiple Sclerosis attacks the central nervous system and can wreak havoc on the body's ability to function properly. Tackling a long bike ride while raising funds for MS research bring a lot of strength and hope to those suffering from MS. As we say, "We're riding towards a cure!"

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Make it a great day!