fat-loss zone, cardio zone rubbish part 1

Received another great reader question out of Cincinnati concerning the relevance in the "Fat-Loss" and "Cardio Zone" graphs on cardio machines.

The intended purpose of the graphs is to illustrate that a person's fat loss zone is at the lower end of the target heart rate zone, whereas, the cardio zone is at the higher end of the target heart rate zone.

These graphs translate into:

  • keep your effort mild, and you'll burn fat without training your cardiovascular system too much
  • raise your effort, and you'll train your cardiovascular system but sacrifice fat burning (instead by burning glycogen, stored sugar)


99.9% percent of cardio-machine users jump on to improve their cardiovascular system AND to increase fat burning. So why choose one or the other by conforming to these senseless graphs?

In part 2, I'll detail the fallacy in the assumption that the "Fat-Loss Zone" helps you get leaner AND the implication that the "Cardio Zone" somehow fails to help you burn fat.

Oh yea, I'll also provide solutions to strengthen your heart and lungs AND speed up your fat loss at the same time!

Make it a great day!