2010 kick-off

Good day my fellow primal athletes. It has been too long since my last tip, but the New Year has brought busy times! As the saying goes, you're either living or you're dying. Let's focus on the former!

I look forward to continuing my Primal Gym quick tips and will always introduce relevant health and fitness information. Such topics will include:

  • metabolism and its influence on your body composition, energy levels, and well-being
  • fat loss, not just weight loss, but true fat loss WHILE preserving your muscle mass
  • grocery shopping, food selection, meal planning, etc.
  • organic and natural foods and when it matters most
  • the decades of misinformation perpetuated by our government, main-stream media, and so-called experts
  • techniques and strategies to remain compliant and successful, not just for a month, but for a lifetime
  • ideal nutrition plans, supplementation, and much much more

2010 will be a year of knowledge and action, so thank you for lending me your eyes and mind.

And don't forget, email to me any topic suggestions. Your inquiries will make great Primal Gym quick tips.

Stay tuned...

Make it a great day!