stay away from the roller coaster part 1

Gyms across the country are packed with tons of useless equipment. Useless because they not only ignore human movement and fail to optimize human mobility and stability - but actually create dysfunction in human performance, human movement, human posture, and so on.

Such a shame because gym resources and space should be allocated to the objective of building muscle that respects human movement and its function.

How can this be you ask? The equipment seems so nice and the seats so padded. There are rows and rows of equipment for every body part.

Well, you've read in my previous tips that machines hijack human movement, so allow me to specifically address one of the best space-wasting machines littering gyms across America.

This machine mimics NOTHING that we do in daily life, and in fact, it perpetuates a condition that plagues so many Americans.

Well, in keeping with the spirit of a quick tip, I shall reveal the culprit in part 2.

Make it a great day!