human movement: deadlift part 2.3

image by power-systems.comHex Bar Deadlift
My favorite exercise in the gym is the hex bar deadlift. The stance is inside of the hex bar with the handles at your side. Because the load is also at your side rather than your front (as in the barbell deadlift), there is less of a forward lean and less strain on the lumbar region of the spine.

Let me quickly address a crucial concept in training human movement, and I shall revisit this concept in a future tip. I always stress the importance of including the trunk muscles in many of our exercises.

I then say that we shouldn't place too much stress on the lower back muscles and spinal erectors. Well, there is a balance of working these muscles with real life movements BUT keeping proper form and the appropriate load to prevent injury to the very muscles that we are training. Always keep this in mind and always increase your body awareness. Human movement is as much mental as it is physical.

Similar to the barbell deadlift, the hex bar deadlift begins by lifting the weight from the floor into a standing position and then back down with the weight resting on the floor for one rep.

Compared to the stiff legged deadlift, the hex bar deadlift is more like the traditional deadlift as the knees are flexed enough to allow the hands to reach the bar. This targets the quads a little more.

Nonetheless, when performed correctly, the hamstrings, glutes, upper and lower back are the major players in this lift.

Make it a great day!