homemade protein smoothie part 2

The ingredients of my homemade protein smoothie keep me satiated for hours AND satisfy my sweet tooth. Let's take a closer look.

Bananas and frozen strawberries complement each other in taste, are available year round, and are reasonably priced.


Protein Powder
Chocolate goes well with this fruit combination. I like Muscle Milk Naturals because of its natural flavors and natural sweeteners, lo han fruit extract and stevia.

Plain Yogurt & Cottage Cheese
Plain yogurt adds milk protein as well as probiotics. Cottage cheese also adds milk protein and helps to create a thicker, more satisfying consistency. Don't worry, it's not chunky, and the curds are well-blended.

Maca Root Powder
A root native to the Andes of Peru, maca root powder possesses many benefits. There are various studies as well as peer reviewed papers that support the use of maca root powder, but I'll cover that in a separate tip. Maca root powder benefits the endocrine system (hormone regulator) and contains loads of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, sterols, and fatty acids.

Psyllium Husks
Great source of fiber and keeps the body regular. Fibrous fruits and vegetables are still the foundation, but psyllium is the safety net.

Steel Cut Oats
I began with raw old-fashioned oatmeal but switched to the crunchy texture of steel cut oats. It's a dense starchy carb with fiber and satiating power. I start out with 8oz of water and add a little ice to make it nice and cold. The consistency can be altered by using more or less water/ice. Looks like part 3 will cover the measurements of and variations to my homemade protein smoothie.

Make it a great day!