homemade protein smoothie part 1

Homemade protein smoothies offer quick and healthy solutions to your nutrition plan. Takes 5 minutes to make and can be considered a whole-food meal when you do it right.

Many people make a fruit smoothie consisting of a fruit juice and fruit blended together. Although better than a bag of chips and other processed snack foods, it falls short of the protein that not only keeps us satiated, but feeds our muscles.

Take a look at the images and ingredients for my protein smoothie recipe. You can see how complete it is in macro and micro nutrients.

In part 2, I shall discuss how I arrived at this protein smoothie and its measurements as well as highlight ways for you to design YOUR favorite protein smoothie. For now, I'll just list my ingredients for you:

  • frozen berries of your choice
  • banana
  • chocolate Muscle Milk (Naturals)
  • yogurt (plain)
  • cottage cheese
  • maca root powder
  • psyllium husks
  • steel cut oats
  • ice cubes
  • water

It fills me up and gets me moving. Stayed tuned for part 2.

Make it a great day!