human movement: squat part 1

Squats are an outstanding human movement that carries strength, muscle, and mobility gains to the next level. Though squats mainly target the legs and glutes, the impact on the rest of the body is impressive.

Squats require:

  1. stabilization of the trunk muscles (abdominals and lower back) and spinal muscles (erector spinae) to ensure proper form
  2. contraction in the upper back to keep the torso upright and tight
  3. contraction in the shoulders, triceps, and biceps (depending on the squat variation) to keep the load in place

Quadriceps and glutes are the primary movers for the squat. The hamstrings and calves contribute by stabilizing the hips and legs to provide a safe and effective squat movement.

Part 2 will detail squat variations and disprove the myth that squats are destructive to the knees.

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