human movement: lunge part 1

Ok, I'm back with another quick tip after a period of downtime. Let's look at the lunge as a human movement.  Interestingly, the lunge can be described as an exaggerated walk or step with a forward or backward stepping motion.

Lunges target the hip flexors, quadriceps, hip extensors, glutes, and hamstrings. Lunges make for an outstanding lower-body movement. And for an inactive population, lunges help remedy laziness and weakness in all of these muscles.

Lunges are performed while in a shoulder-width stance and stepping forward or backward with a stride that brings your front thigh parallel to the ground and your back knee just a few inches above the ground.

Obviously, the degree of depth in your lunge is influenced by flexibility, strength, and pain-free range of motion. As your strength and mobility increase, so will the intensity of your lunge. Lunges can always provide the challenge and stimulus that we demand.

In part 2, I will detail lunge variations suited for the beginner as well as the elite athlete or primal warrior.

Make it a great day!