human movement: deadlift part 1

I want to finish our discussion of human movement with what I think is the best movement and my personal favorite, the deadlift. As with the other movements, there are variations of deadlifts, and all are beneficial in their own right.

Generally, deadlifts target the hamstrings, glutes, and erector spinae. The key element of the deadlift begins with lifting a weight, a dead weight, from the ground and rising to a standing position.

There are both similarities and differences between the deadlift and the squat. But ultimately, they are different movements.

The fact that a weight is lifted from the floor introduces additional and invaluable back-strengthening stimulus. Keeping our shoulder blades together with a normal curvature in the spine forces the trapezius, latissimus, and rhomboid into extreme static contraction. In fact, deadlifts take upper back development to new heights. This is not the case with the squat.

Part 2 will detail specific deadlift variations.

Make it a great day!