trans-fatty acids

Trans-fatty acids (trans fats) are derived through a process called hydrogenation, which combines harmless unsaturated fats with hydrogen atoms.  The result: less expensive foods with a longer self-life and greater stability, i.e., crackers, chips, cookies, cereal, bars, and lots of other modern day foods.

Good, right?  Wrong!  Trans fats are NOT easily digested and processed by our bodies, and this is no surprise.  Our digestive systems were not designed to metabolize "laboratory" fats for the purpose of convenience, laziness, and happy taste buds.  Trans fats clog the arteries, so it's no wonder they have a strong link to heart disease.

Know that ingredients listing "hydrogenated" or "partially hydrogenated oils" contain trans fats.

We've already discussed the benefits of natural fats, so let's keep trans fats limited to free meals and special occasions.

Make it a great day!