Though the principles of health and fitness are commonly known, I first learned the concept of "Synergy"  from Phil Kaplan, a leader in the industry.  

Synergy is the combination of the right nutrition, moderate cardio, and a concern for muscle.  The power of synergy is that all three together feed off each other and produce stronger results versus each separately implemented.

Right Nutrition

  • consume quality proteins, carbs, and fats to fuel your daily activities; maximize your metabolism; maintain a strong immune system; and minimize health risk factors

Moderate Cardio

  • train your cardiovascular system; train your different energy systems (fat and glucose metabolism); and preserve lean muscle tissue through interval training

Concern for Muscle

  • maintain and/or build new muscle tissue; use the metabolic effects of muscle to reach body composition goals; improve sport performance; and improve daily living

Without a doubt, taking action on any of these areas will improve one's health and fitness level.  However, you can see how accepting all three into your daily life can not only help you quickly reach your goals but can also support a lifestyle shift to keep you moving forward.

Make it a great day!