primal mindset

With Hurricane Ike wreaking havoc from the Gulf Coast all the way to Ohio, I began to compare physical and mental fitness to surviving hardships and challenges brought on by devastating hurricanes.

So many are still without power, water, and simple comforts, all of which we've become so accustom.  Strength, energy, and focus are required to minimize stress, keep a positive mindset, and move forward in the clean-up and rebuilding of homes and businesses.  Physical and mental capacities must be fully charged and ready to fire.  How do we prepare for challenges that life presents to us?

As humans living in a brave new world, we must always train for physical fitness and mental fortitude.  We must endure the discomfort of aching muscles and the pain in our hearts and lungs starving for oxygen.  We must push beyond exercise intensities that challenge our spirits.  All the while, we must eat foods that give us daily life in the best way possible.

As we train our bodies, minds, and spirits to reach maximum physical and mental fitness, we also train our bodies, minds, and spirits to prevail in life!

Make it a great day!