nutrition round-up

The last tip on trans-fatty acids concluded my series on basic nutrition for Primal Man.  I use "Primal Man" to illustrate the point that no matter how advanced we become as a civilization, we must nourish our bodies with foods that have existed since our creation.  We must turn to foods that aided Primal Man in becoming Modern Man.  Protein, carbohydrates, and fats coming from natural sources will bridge the gap between Primal Man and Modern Man.

However, modern science has led to the creation of certain foods and supplements that were unknown to our ancestors but provide a benefit to us today.  I say that these foods can supplement but never replace our whole food nutrition.

Future nutrition tips will be strategies that build upon your knowledge of basic nutrition in order to take your human performance to the next level.  Strategies to achieve optimal body composition, elite sports performance, and desired quality of life.

Make it a great day!