keep moving forward in '09

Happy New Year to all!  I hope the New Year finds you ready to carry forward the successes of '08 and to prevail over everyday challenges in '09.

"Keep Moving Forward" is a phrase that I borrow from the McGuire Program (a speech program for those who stutter).  It provides the direction AND motivation for us to continue the journey into tomorrow, into next week, into next month, and so on.  When we're on the right track, we continue on that track.  When we're off of our game, we move forward and find our game.

If you're training your body, eating right, and taking care of yourself, stay the course.  Set higher goals, get stronger, get leaner in '09.

If you're falling short in optimal health and fitness, start today and chart a new course that involves muscle building, cardiovascular training, and clean nutrition.  You deserve it!  Make yourself a priority in '09.

Finally, I welcome any questions and suggestions for future tips.  Gaining the knowledge and gathering the pieces of the puzzle will KEEP YOU MOVING FORWARD!

Make it a great day!