keep holiday eating in check

The Christmas season takes us from early December all the way through New Year's Day.  During this time period, food and LOTS of it seems to weigh us down and ends the year with a few extra pounds of fatty tissue.  Alas, it doesn't have to be!

Look, I'm the first to give my taste buds a tasty treat, but it's in addition to my clean eating and intense training.  And, that's what you can do too.  Let's examine some strategies to keep us lean and clean this Christmas season.

  1. Don't skip regular meals in hopes of balancing out your holiday eating.  This damages metabolism and promotes fat storage.
  2. Stick to your training plan and in fact, train even harder on the days of feasting.  Drive those extra calories towards fueling your workouts and growing new muscle.
  3. Keep strategy 1 and 2 a priority.  Get off of the couch and out of the kitchen and give yourself the greatest gift this season... energy and vitality to last a lifetime.

Eat hard, train hard!

Merry Christmas!