interval training methods

There are lots of great ways to engage in interval training.  Let's look at some right now.

Treadmills offer two interval training variables.  Speed and incline separately or together can be manipulated to create intervals of high intensity and low intensity.

Elliptical machines and cycles provide a resistance factor that can be adjusted to create periods of great effort and periods of low effort.

Outdoor running and cycling involves interval training with the use of a stopwatch or markers along your path. 

Regardless of the training mode, choose a ratio of work to recovery and use it throughout the session.  It's sprinting mixed with jogging (walking); steep incline mixed with low incline; or difficult resistance mixed with easy resistance.  

For a 1:1 ratio, combine 30 seconds of maximum effort with 30 seconds of recovery or a 20 and 20 or 60 and 60 pattern.  A 1:2 ratio could be 15 seconds of maximum effort with 30 seconds of recovery or a 30 and 60 pattern.

Ensure that your time under effort is your maximum and that your recovery period is slow or easy enough to prep for your next interval.  Experiment with different ratios and different intensities.  You'll soon discover that 20 minutes of intervals can take fat burning to new levels.

Make it a great day!