As I send out these quick tips, I certainly hope that they are becoming part of your game plan or perhaps your daily road map.  I also hope that goal-setting is a weekly, if not a daily endeavor.  Goal-setting creates direction and purpose in our lives.  Goals give us the passion to wake up every morning and take action to make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today.

Anthony Robbins's style of goal-setting:

  1. put a dream on paper and make it a goal
  2. detail powerful reasons for this goal
  3. take immediate action towards this goal
  4. periodically determine if your actions are bringing you closer to this goal
  5. modify your actions when necessary
  6. update your goals; analyze your progress; we feed our lives and our lives give us feedback

Set a goal for better nutrition and better fitness.  Strive towards higher energy levels, youthful mobility, and a new found strength in body and mind.

"People with goals succeed because they know where they are going.  It's as simple as that." - Earl Nightingale

Make it a great day!