fats: part 2

There are three kinds of fats that we should fully understand.

The Good Fats
Saturated fats come from animals such as chicken, beef, pork, eggs, and dairy products.

Unsaturated fats can be categorized as either monounsaturated (nuts, olive oil, avocados) and polyunsaturated (nuts, vegetable oils, fish oils, flaxseed, flaxseed oil).  Essential fatty acids (EFAs) fall under polyunsaturated and deserve a separate quick tip.

Perhaps a shocker to many is that both saturated and unsaturated fats have a place in our nutrition plan, as they both help our bodies perform optimally.  Obviously, the proper ratio of saturated and unsaturated fats should be considered.

The Bad Fat
Trans-fatty acids, a.k.a. trans-fats, are created by a damaging process called hydrogenation.  Hydrogen is mixed with unsaturated fats and literally alters the molecular structure of the once healthy unsaturated fat.  Hydrogenation is used for a host of reasons, none of which promote a healthy lifestyle.

I will return with specific benefits of the first two types of fat and the dangers of the third type of fat.

Make it a great day!