fats: part 1

Fats slide in as our final macronutrient to cover before we move forward.  Fats are essential to healthy living, but far too many have placed all fats in the same "bad" category.  Fortunately, this mindset is shifting and with it the acceptance of fats back into our daily nutrition.

Fats, like carbs, provide energy to fuel our workouts and our daily activities.  More importantly, fats are critical to the:

(1) formation of cell membranes
(2) production of key hormones
(3) proper brain function
(4) absorption of fat soluble vitamins in addition to many other processes

Similar to carbs, when "Man" alters a natural fat, such as unsaturated vegetable oil, the result is a damaged and extremely unhealthy, modified fat product.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

Make it a great day!