essential fatty acids

Fats are comprised of fatty acids, and fatty acids are comprised of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms.  These molecular chains either have no double bonds, one double bond, or many double bonds.  These traits combined with the configuration of carbon atoms determine the name and benefit of the fatty acid.  

With the next few tips, our focus is on essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.  Essential fatty acids are those that cannot be manufactured within our bodies.

Omega-6 is found in most vegetable oils, making it easier to consume in adequate amounts.  Omega-3 intake does not come so easily, and many in our population are deficient in omega-3.

Animal protein once plentiful in omega-3 is now lacking due to an increase in grain-fed livestock.  Also, regions where seafood is not readily available add to the challenge of reaching adequate omega-3 levels.

The recommended ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 is around 2:1 to 3:1.  Today, it stands at 10:1 and as high as 20:1.  Stay tuned to learn how we remedy this.

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