carbs re-re-visited

Simple carbs will conclude our introduction of carbohydrates.  Today's media tells us to avoid simple carbs, as they are refined and processed and their fiber and nutrients stripped away.  Fact check...fruit, in its unaltered state, is also classified as a simple carb because of its single-sugar molecular structure.  Hmmm...

Fruit contains valuable nutrients, dietary fiber and fructose.  The first two traits are great, but the third demands our attention.  Though fructose is more natural than its counterpart, sucrose (white sugar), fructose still influences blood sugar and insulin levels and should be controlled in any fat-loss/body composition goal.

"So what should I do?" you ask:  

  1. avoid refined and processed foods most of the time
  2. eat fruit on a daily basis, eat lots of fruit on a daily basis, but consider nutrient timing and blood sugar levels 
  3. consider your GOALS; indulging in wholesome fruits will not prevent you from getting healthy and fit.  But, indulging in too many fruits at the wrong times may prevent you from getting a six pack...of abs that is

Make it a great day!