Carbohydrates (carbs) provide energy to fuel the body's many activities. Common sources of carbs are vegetables (fibrous and starchy), fruits, and grains.  Healthy carbs also provide us many vital nutrients and fiber along the way.

Carbs are broadly classified as either complex or simple depending on their molecule structure.  Complex carbs are found in nature growing on a tree or sprouting from the earth.  Complex carbs are not altered by man.  Simple carbs, excluding fruits, are altered, refined, and processed by man.  We, of course, should choose complex carbs and fruits as our carb source.  Future tips will illustrate how a wonderful apple can be sabotaged by food processing.

Regardless of their classification, carbs ultimately break down into glucose (sugar).  It's how quickly this process occurs that makes all the difference in the world.  Stay tuned for more in depth discussion on this fascinating process.

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