central nervous system...wake up part 1

Some popular thoughts with strength training are, "I want bigger, toned, or more defined muscles".

Lofty are these aspirations; however, there is often a forgotten and fascinating element to strength training and primal movements.

The central nervous system, or CNS, is the mastermind behind your every movement.  Whether it's contracting your big back muscles or engaging your smaller calf muscles, the CNS works its magic just the same.

A responsive CNS is crucial to maintaining good form and producing strong motor patterns with any exercise, training level, and athletic ability.

Your CNS gives the command and in less than a second:

1.  travels from the brain into the spinal column, which feeds the peripheral nervous system (PNS)

2.  races along the PNS's complex highways of nerves that feed into your musculature

3.  sparks the chemical and physical processes, which contract the target muscles to execute your movement pattern(s)

A very simplified explanation, I know, but an understanding and respect of how the CNS influences quality training AND quality movement will prove worthwhile.

Next time, I will explain adaptations in the CNS with respect to the individual's experience level as well as the rest and recovery methods to maintain a responsive and healthy CNS.

Stay Primal!