compound fitness = maximize your roi

Do you want your money earning simple interest OR compound interest?  I bet you choose compound interest.  Well then, let's look at exercise and nutrition in the same light.

How do you maximize your efforts, whether it be for body composition, athletic performance, or simply better living?  Is it weak and shallow dedication to your training and nutrition plan?  Of course not!

You earn more money by reinvesting the interest and using it as building blocks for higher returns.  Similarly, your workouts are building blocks for successive workouts with a consistent progression to more advanced and challenging training sessions.

Your opportunities for success soar when you train hard and eat right day after day, week after week, and month after month.

This is the key point.  You can withdraw a little bit of money for enjoyment and keep most of it working for you.  Same applies to fitness.  You can and should plan recovery from intense training.  You can sparingly indulge in your favorite sweets and treats.  It's all part of enjoying life.  However, do this too much and you go from hero to zero!

Remain consistent and disciplined in your training and nutrition regimen, and your ROI will be worth more than all the dollars in the world.

Stay Primal!