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clif shot bloks
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Clif Shot Bloks is a product that I personally favor for nutrition needs during extended endurance events.  I add these to my nutrition plan because the sports drinks can get overly sweet and tiresome during half and full Ironman events.  Gels are OK but then again, too sweet after awhile.

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Clif Shot Bloks are soft chews that provide calories in the form of glucose AND provide a dose of electrolytes.  As a side note, new research questions the true needs of additional electrolytes during an event, but in any case, they are found in Clif Shot Bloks.  One last benefit is that the chews offer a little more substance versus sports drink, so this can be a welcomed change when you crave something different during your bike, run, etc.

salt stick caps
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Salt Stick Caps is a supplement intended to replace the body's electrolyte levels.  Various factors influence the quantity and rate as which we lose electrolytes.  Heat; humidity; activity duration & intensity; and individual sweat-loss rates drain our electrolyte tank.

Once we determine, through training, our electrolyte replacement needs, the correct dosage amount can provide a quick and easy refill of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D.

These caps are especially handy when you need a change from the sweet sports drink method of replacing electrolytes....during a 70.3 or full Ironman race.

Why are electrolytes so crucial to athletic performance...they reduce muscle cramping and fatigue during the event and can prevent nausea following a big endurance event.  Believe me, I know this through personal experience.