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strength and cardio benefits

strength training

  • maintain and/or build new muscle tissue (muscle mass)
  • increase resting metabolism
  • increase insulin sensativity
  • increase natural testosterone and growth hormone levels
  • increase flexibility by causing muscle tissue to contract and relax through
    a full range of motion
  • increase bone density
  • strengthen connective tissues (joints, tendons, and ligaments)
  • improve sport-specific performance such as strength and speed
  • improve basic activities in daily living
  • improve self-esteem
  • improve goal-setting abilities

cardio interval training

  • increase resting metabolism
  • increase cardiac output
  • decrease resting heart rate and submaximal exercise heart rate
  • improve cardiovascular efficiency (oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange in the lungs)
  • improve vascular efficiency (vessle function throughout the body)
  • improve sport-specific performance by increasing VO<sub>2</sub>max