garden #1 - feb 2016


Here's a quick peek at garden #1. Back in Dec 2015, I planted lettuce seeds, Black-Seeded Simpson to be exact.  A little pouch of lettuce seeds cost about $2 but produce great lettuce leaves for months.  I leave about 2" of lettuce plant when I cut the leaves, and new leaves simply grow back time and time again.  You can see some weeds coming in, but I don't mess with them until they get a little bigger and easier to pull out.  The 1st photo shows lots of weeds; the 3rd photo after I've weeded a bit.  It's beneficial to pull those weeds when possible, as they draw nutrients away from your veggies.  This type of lettuce is great for sandwiches and nightly salads. Ruffage is a must for healthy digestion.

One more point, if you notice the slight leftward lean of the leaves, it was due to strong winds we had the previous day.  Kind of funny to see, but the leaves soon returned to their upright and happy position.

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